Thursday, 8 November 2012

Stephen Fry, a mass murder apologist?

Stephen Fry on Qi:  
[Stephen Fry] "What do the Icelandic Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption and Genghis Khan have in common?

The odd thing is that it's both very beneficial, especially at the moment we talk about a lot.

Now, that volcano poured out, they recon, between 150 thousands 300 thousands tons of carbon dioxide, so huge amount of carbon came out as a result of it. But, if you remember, no one flew for how ever long it was, and the lack of flying saved 3 million tons.  So in fact, it was a huge offset of carbon.

And in case of Genghis Khan, he slaughtered his way across the world, he had the largest empire the world has ever seen, 4 times bigger than that of Alexander, twice the size of the Roman empire, and he killed about 40 million people, and the result was there was so little farming, forest grew back, and you could time a huge benefit to the world from his slaughter.

But that's rather extraordinary, isn't?"

Please see the link to the video here.

What is rather extraordinary is that such radical statements praising mass murder goes unnoticed in polite society.

It should be shocking to anyone who has any kind of empathy to human suffering, that claiming that 40 million deaths constitute a "huge benefit to the world" is something monstrous to say.

Countless of men, women, children, orphans starving to death on the side of their their slaughtered parents, this is apparently worth to Mr Fry the benefit of some trees growing back and weed taking over abandoned farms.

I have another riddle for Mr Fry:

What do George Bernard Shaw and Stephen Fry have in common?

They both believe that mass murder is something beneficial for the world.

Through history, there always existed intelligent people who were blindly in love with their own ideologies, that they justified killing innocent people in order to achieve their Utopian world.

The Hiltlerian regime didn't come out of nowhere with the idea of eliminating "social parasites", it was ideas explicitly supported by intellectuals like George Bernard Shaw who morally justified and made possible the mass murder of innocent people.

As the common saying goes, we must be careful of what we wish, because it might very well happen.

I call upon Mr Fry to retract his words, and publicly apologize for giving voice such cruel and appalling ideology, which state that humans death is a benefit to the world.

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